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Thread: The NCAA. Is. Pissed. (7/25/2017 Edition) (10/13/2017 Update: J/K. We cool.)

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    Sorry, Cheaters but we're not forgetting.

    "For years, North Carolina coach Roy Williams had no idea his basketball recruits weren’t reporting to practice or to games or to long road trips directly from classrooms where they scored straight A’s in courses they never attended. Dadgum it, in the unraveling of it all, during last year’s NCAA Tournament, CBS’s Jim Nantz still fondly referred to Williams as “Coach Roy,” as if he were a rural pastor running a bake sale.

    Among Williams’ prized recruits was Rashad McCants. He made the university’s academic Dean’s List — without, he claims, attending a class. Aw, shucks, Coach Roy.
    But who knew?"

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    As much as I do dearly LOVE my college basketball, and college football to slightly lesser extent as well, and as much as I hate to say it, and no, this has nothing at all to do with my age, but I have exponentially less and less desire to make the drive to attend these events. When the mindset seems to be that learning has nothing at all to do with a University... that is, when you are an athlete, it is a superficial facade, at best. When I see every effort being made to condone, to promote and to push young kids into leaving an institute of higher learning instead of promoting, pushing and advocating that that they should possibly just hang on, not be completely swayed by words and opinions involving an as yet very uncertain, not yet reached, and not yet developed "potential." To simply have patience and to be patient. But "NO!!!," the NCAA has done everything possible to dissuade that type of thinking by granting the NBA more and more access while allowing yet another period with no consequences attached, in order for those not so sure to go out and "test the waters."

    Here is what I say, let AAU ball continue to diminish the importance HS basketball, for the ncaa to drop it's silly charade, drop the one year rule and let them go directly out of HS. Watch as there is no previous university connection for the fans to draw upon, watch as the nba's ratings drop, and while those who support university athletics only drops a tiny bit in comparison. Personally, I honestly do not care whether any kid, suited up in any collegiate uniform, representing Any University, in Anywhere, USA, are the cream of the crop for the HS year of 20XX or not. I want to see amateur, and actual 'student'-athletes, going out and competing for the sake of Any University, in Anywhere, USA, and those kids do not have to be, and NEVER HAVE HAD TO BE, the biggest, the most gifted, or the most athletic, in order for me to pull my guts out cheering them on.

    Sooo, IMO, if they want to go right out of HS, good luck, see ya! If they want to 'test the waters' while enrolled in college, have at it and good luck, but there is no turning back or coming back. Go play in the nba's newly created developmental "z" league for a few years while you grow up all on their tab. I say stop using college basketball, and collegiate athletics in general, as a very temporary and a free training ground with meals and board included, and without any pretense that the goal is to actually afford someone a well-rounded education. People have sat back and just watched it occur, they have rooted for it, they have pushed for changes that had no other endings and could do nothing else but make all of this this nonsense come to fruition. And, many of you who sit out there typing just as I do, complaining about some of the very same issues that I do, would totally disagree with me that the overwhelming majority of the movers and shakers who have been at forefront of making these policy changes, and in who were full support of, represent the very root cause that has turned the entire idea of something once known as (at least a part-time) student, and THEN an athlete, into just a full-time, not even any pretense about it, athlete. Now, that said, some of the same ones who cannot seem figure out how we could have possibly gotten to this point, are also the same people who throughout the years have fully condoned every new concession that has been granted in order to make of this come to fruition in the first place. And, they are same ones who are all in favor of paying "amateur" collegiate athletes now.

    In other words, while the roof is being blown entirely off of collegiate athletics and the ncaa in general, it seems that nothing has really been learned whatsoever involving the general fan base. They just continue on, same as always, hearing of some new remedy that will possibly offset the damage caused by a total screw up in policy making from a decade or so back, they do not even think twice, and they instead jump to say "YAYYY!!!" "It's about time!!!" Wound, Band-Aid. Fully support of the next wound, fully in support of the next Band-aid, wound, Band-aid, and on... and on... and on... never once looking back at the root or what really started it all to begin with.

    This is a collective mindset mostly, IMO it is anyway. Speaking of a certain mindset that is constantly ignoring the written rule of law while stubbornly and vehemently denying that at any in the past, that anything has ever worked any better... at any point... in the past. Not back when there was a majority of people, granted, not all, but most, were actually attempting to following the written rule, and again, at any point in the... PAST, because they knew, and it actually meant something, to simply try to do what was right... back then... in the currently shunned and much berated... past. I will not call that group by name right now, well, because I am not going there right now. But then again, I guess I just did, kinda, go there, right there just one sentence back, sorta indirectly-like, huh?

    Eh well, when people seem totally determined to deny that their own policies have not only been instrumental, but in fact THE instrument in what is unfortunately taking place around them right now, then you're just going to have some dumbass, say like, myself, for instance, spouting off about it on occasion. IMO, that precisely sums up the mindset over at UNC, and it is precisely what that same mindset yields. But hey, you'll get over my blabbing much easier than you will all of the idiocy that someone else's complete lack of foresight has left for all of us to deal with. At least, I think you will, you should be able to anyway, maybe? Who knows these days tho??? Lotta snow, and snowflakes, around lately. Chapel Hill, especially.
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