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Thread: Baseball 2017

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    How will we do this weekend at Notre Dame? Neither team is having a spectacular season so far.

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    Well, we found out the answer. Disappointing season.

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    UNC takes series 2-1.

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    Pack headed to the Kentucky regional as the 3 seed and will face #2 seed Indiana on Friday. A winnable region IMO, but gonna need for the pitchers to be Dr. Jekyll and not Mr. Hyde. Kentucky has mediocre starting pitching and several power guys in their lineup.

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    Assuming we beat IU and assuming KY beats Ohio - Kentucky's batting avg and their ERA are better than our's. I agree this is a winnable regional but while we took series against FSU and Clemson we also were swept by Boston College. If we bounce out at 0-2 or move on to a super regional; we are more than capable of either outcome.

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